One crew. One location. Three films.

In 2015, first-time filmmakers Tess Harrison, Hannah Whitney, and Maria Wilson spent one week in the heart of the Adirondacks shooting three short films - later dubbed "The Lake Shorts." Each woman wrote, directed, and starred in their own film, all co-produced on a micro-budget of $3000. 

These three shorts, all dealing with themes of new independence, won several awards on the US film circuit and have screened at a combined 30+ festivals around the world. 

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The Lake Shorts: Two began production in March 2017. This time, with a bolstered budget and bigger crew, the films were shot in rural Vermont over the course of ten days.

Each short touches on ideas surrounding the past - Tess Harrison's Take Me Out With the Stars is a familial drama that examines grief after the loss of a loved one, Hannah Whitney's Someone You Know is in the Woods is a sci-fi thriller that deals with regret and childhood nostalgia, and Maria Wilson's Black Resin is a fantastical horror that explores the implications of social hysteria in a forest that holds a dark history. 

All three films are currently in post-production, to be finished Summer 2017.

Get a look behind the scenes - watch below!